Ruben Maria Soriquez and Maurizio Baldini


Ruben Maria Soriquez

Festival Organizer:

Alessandro Milani (PIA), Maurizio Baldini (ITA) Ruben Maria Soriquez, FDCP, NCCA.



EPIFF has the main mission of building tighter cultural relation between the Philippines, on one side, and Italy and Europe on the other, through the powerful mean of cinema, which allow us to better understand each other’s cultures. EPIFF is devoted to the showcase of the works of the best Filipino Filmmakers around the world whose work can help us understand the complexity of the Philippine society, the richness and the diversity of its culture, the amazing beauty of their landscapes. 



The European Philippine International Film Festival (EPIFF) is organized by Islands Stream Cultural Association of Florence, Italy, founded by Italian and Filipino-Italian film professionals (Fil-Italian filmmaker Ruben Maria Soriquez, Maurizio Baldini and Lorenzo Galanti). Important and stategic partners of Islands Stream are the Philippine Italian Association (PIA) and ICCPI (The Italian Chambers of Commerce in the Philippines Inc.). EPIFF is also supported by FDCP (Film Development Council of The Philippines) and NCCA.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


The 1st European Philippine International Film Festival (EPIFF) 2018 took place on March 7, 8, 2018 in Florence and the 2nd EPIFF on May 19, 2019. The venue was the historical Cinema della Compagnia of Cavour Street, just a walking distance to the famous Piazza Duomo and Cinema Alfieri. EPIFF opened The Asian Spring, a series of Asian film festival such as Red Dragon (China), River to River (India) and many others. The 3rd edition has been online on the VOD platform due to Covid-19 pandemic.